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Vacuum Connection

Vacuum connection


This unit fits into the hexagon bleed/vacuum connection port of the Low-Loss Pump.
Remove the hexagon plug from the cross connection at the base of the pump, by applying 14mm A/F spanner to the hexagon, and supporting the “cross” connector in a vice or suitable adjustable wrench. DO NOT use the pump body to assist in removing the hexagon plug as undue force will be applied to the casting base and damage may occur.
Unsure the now open port of the “cross” is clean and screw in the threaded end of the vacuum
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connection units using thread sealant and ensuring the fitting is tight but not over tightened. Again do not react the tighten force with the pump body or the casting may be damaged.
The tap fitment of the vacuum connection unit should be set with the handle across the flow
through the body of the valve in its SHUT position.
The vacuum pump hose can be secured to the vacuum connection unit hose tail and retained with a suitable hose clip.
To evacuate the car system, follow the car manufacturers manual, using the vacuum connection unit shut off valve to seal the system once maximum vacuum has been drawn with a suitable vacuum pump.
Fill the car system following the instruction sheet provided with the Hydrolastic/Hydragas pump.
Removal of the vacuum connection unit is a reverse of the initial stages of this sheet. Refit the
hexagon plug to reseal the hydraulic pump unit having flushed the pump through with neat car
engine antifreeze.
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